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Mike Southgate, founder and owner of with Lego dragstrip racecar Playparty staff - woman at LEGO freestyle station Playparty staff are well-trained and screened is a fabulous children’s birthday party and entertainment business that was started in June of 1997 in Los Angeles, California. The founder, Mike Southgate, is a married father of two daughters.

Mike created this children's birthday party business by incorporating two of the most popular toy creations, Hot Wheels® toy cars and LEGOs, which millions of kids all over the world have been playing with since the 1940’s and 1960’s.

What makes different?

Everyone knows that kids are experts at playing. Therefore, Mike decided to build the concept where the kids would have a hands-on, freestyle approach to playing and interacting at a birthday party event. The “old-style” children's birthday party entertainment of “watching” the entertainment seemed dated and a bit boring. Why watch a puppet show, or watch a magic show or watch a clown character when today’s modern kids prefer to do hands-on play activities. The world is getting more interactive all the time.

Imagine a group of 10-20 or more kids at your child's birthday party and everyone is happy, engaged and playing together. This is our recipe for a successful child's birthday party. We take great pride in knowing that a lot of our satisfied clients are repeat and referral customers.

Our Birthday Parties are Staffed

We do it all. We set up the race car or LEGO equipment, we stay and play with and supervise all the kids’ activities. You don’t have to do a thing but have fun interacting with your adult party guests knowing that all the kids and their party guests are having fun playing together with the equipment. Pricing.

Playparty's Service Areas

Kids love the hands-on activity of these favorite toys at their birthday parties, and quickly became the #1 source for Lego and toy race car parties in the South Bay, Los Angeles, and Orange County. proudly brings LEGO and Race Car Birthday Parties to
South Bay, Los Angeles and Orange County families.
Contact in Torrance, CA at (310) 544-9591 or
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