Wanna LEGO for Lunch?


Throwing a Best LEGO Birthday Party for your child? Looking for ideas about what to serve for lunch? Playparty.net has a few suggestions for LEGO party lunch ideas.

LEGO Super City
Best LEGO Birthday Party by playparty.net

Cover juice boxes so they look like LEGO bricks. First set the straws aside. Then cut card stock into a strip long enough to wrap around the box. Tape ends closed. Cut out matching circles. Use glue or glue dots to attach circles to the front of the box.

LEGO Juice Boxes
Image from overthebigmoon.com

Make it easy for guests to help themselves. Wrap utensils in a napkin and use a band of LEGO wrapping paper to hold everything together.

LEGO Utensils
Image from fabeveryday.com

What kid doesn’t like fruit? Especially when it’s displayed this way?

LEGO Fruit Salad
Image from onpolkadotlane.blogspot.com

Offer veggies and dip in convenient, healthful individual servings. Put dollops of a kid-friendly dip — like hummus, ranch dressing, bean dip, pesto or salsa — in a cup. Then place finger-food sized vegetables inside the cup. Popular alternatives include julienned carrots, celery and bell peppers; cherry or grape tomatoes; blanched snow peas, snap beans or broccoli; a crisp leaf of romaine lettuce or radicchio.

Veggie Dip Cups
Image from jennifercooks.com

Up the LEGO-awesomeness. Use yellow cups and draw a mini-fig face on each with a black marker. Try your hand with a variety of faces — for example, smiling, winking or wearing sunglasses. The expressions below may inspire you.

Mini Fig Faces
Image from pennysparties.blogspot.com

Make LEGO brick sandwiches with your child’s favorite filling — peanut butter and jelly, cheese, bologna, ham or turkey. Cut off the crusts and cut the sandwiches in half. Use a small cookie cutter, apple corer or water bottle cap to cut circles out from a slice of bread. Then press the circles onto the sandwiches with a bit of peanut butter or cream cheese.

LEGO Brick Sandwiches
Image from mauvedinosaur.blogspot.com

Pepperoni pizza can also look like LEGO bricks.

LEGO Pizza
Image from heavenlyhomemakers.com

Of course, every birthday party calls for a birthday cake

LEGO Blue Cake
Image from thephotographerswife.com

or cupcakes.

LEGO Cupcakes
Image from onpolkadotlane.blogspot.com

And the best part of all? You get to have the leftovers for breakfast the next day!

LEGO Breakfast
Image from reddit.com

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